This abstract symbol of a room reminds us that they should be comfortable, healthy and ecologically sustainable.


This symbol of a molecule represents our scientific approach to HVAC Systems. It reminds us that ecologically designed buildings minimise chemicals, pollutants and energy during their construction, operation and decommissioning.


‘e’, for ecology, links our core environmental and energy efficiency values, as well as our code of ethics, to our company name.


Who we are

We are a fully Irish-owned company with no external shareholders.
Founded in 2000 by Michael Geraghty, headquartered in Ireland and supplying equipment worldwide.

What we do

We supply high-quality HVAC systems and ventilation products internationally. We assist end-users, designers and installers with HVAC design while focussing on safety, sustainability, compliance and best practice.


Our mission is to deliver safer, greener, healthier and better buildings while simultaneously reducing capital investment, maintenance and refurbishment costs.


Environmental Mission

  • Build healthier buildings
  • Reduce pollutants and chemicals
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce the use of  refrigerants in buildings.

Message from our founder

Our values and what ‘ecology’ means to us.

The ecological interaction between a person and their environment provides the healthiest conditions for the person while simultaneously providing the best level of comfort, energy use and sustainability.

Ecological indoor environments are provided with HVAC systems comprised of components that are ecologically sourced, meaning that the least amount of environmental damage has been done while sourcing the raw materials and producing the components and chemicals (refrigerants and anti-freeze) in the system.

The systems which provide ecological indoor environments use very little energy.

Ecological indoor environments use no fossil fuels.  The production of heat and electricity for the building does not use fossil fuels at any stage if possible, including the transportation of the fuel.

Locally sourced non-fossil-fuel-energy must be used.  This does not permit transporting wood-pellets or other non-fossil fuels over distances of more than 100km.

The amount of fossil-fuel-CO2 used to produce, transport and install photo voltaic panels must be less than the amount of fossil-fuel-CO2 saved by using the PV panel.

In low polluting HVAC systems, if a failure or breakdown of the system occurs, harmful pollutants are not released into the atmosphere and occupants are not at risk.

An ecological HVAC system is an easily repairable system with locally available components.

During decommissioning and recycling of an ecological sound HVAC system, refrigerants or anti-freeze is not released and all of the components and fluids are reusable and recyclable.

At Entropic we have many years of experience working with large industrial and commercial customers to implement energy-saving technologies and systems.

Our experience with large industrial ventilation systems has helped some of the largest energy users in Ireland to significantly reduce their energy consumption, fossil-fuel-CO2 emissions and overhead costs.

Key Personnel

Michael Geraghty

Managing Director

Michael is the founder and managing director of Entropic.

As a building services engineer with a genuine interest in ecology and the environment, he has focused the company on providing safety, simplicity and quality in every aspect of ventilation for industrial, commercial, healthcare and public buildings.

He continually demonstrates that simplicity and clarity when defining the user requirements always leads to a better result.

Michael demonstrates that by using EN and ISO standards to clearly specify the performance required in challenging environments including data centres, cleanrooms, high class offices, hotels, operating theatres, isolation rooms and patient rooms, the client is best positioned to ensure the optimum balance of investment, performance and life cycle of the entire ventilation system.

Declan Sweeney


B.Sc. (Surv.) Construction Economics. Dip. Con. Econ. Quantity Surveying. Dip. Construction Law and Contract Administration.

Declan has an excellent knowledge of all ventilation systems and has been involved in design and implementation of many successful projects. His expertise has enabled many complex turnkey solutions to be provided to a long list of repeat customers. With a QS background, Declan has a key commercial role within Entropic and he also works on Value Engineering solutions tailored to customer’s requirements.

Graham Champ

Senior Mechanical and Technical Sales Engineer

BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering.

Specialist Area: Fire Safety Solutions, Cleanroom Ventilation.

Graham has an extensive knowledge in all HVAC areas and uses this to give customers the highest quality, highest comfort and most energy efficient systems available. Graham comes from a highly competitive background in kayaking at international level and more recently marathon running. He brings the same dedication from his training to the work place to ensure projects milestones and completion dates are achieved.

Mark McDougall

Senior Mechanical and Technical Sales Engineer

BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering with First Class Honours.

Specialist Area: Air Handling Units, Data Centre Ventilation.

Mark has become a specialist in designing Air Handling Units (AHUs), in particular AHUs that achieve the stringent requirements of Data Centre projects. Based on AHU’s designed and delivered by Mark, many clients have written new guidelines on Air Handling Unit Specification. His passion for in-line skating has given him a passport to travel the world and immerse himself in new cultures.

Ethics Policy

Dear Colleagues,

Entropic has always had an unquestionable record of integrity, honesty and environmental protection.  These are the core values of our company and they are the foundation of our Ethics Policy.

The constant and continued success of our company is the result of this deeply rooted culture of ethics and integrity.
Respect for people, their safety and for the environment have always, and will always be the guiding principles of our choices and decisions.
Acting with integrity attracts and keeps the best employees, it preserves the ethical reputation of the company and fulfils the high expectations of our customers, partners and community.
It is crucial to creating a sustainable business.

Our Ethics Policy shall always be the guidance to all our decisions and actions, promoting a common understanding of what is correct and what is not, no matter what context we are operating in. 

You are now aware of the behaviour that you will encounter when you work with us and what we expect from you, your colleagues, our partners, customers and our suppliers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and commitment to keep the integrity of our company. 

Yours sincerely,

Michael Geraghty
Managing Director
Entropic Ltd

Clients Testimonials

I look forward to future projects where we will work together

We are coming to the end of the contract down in the project so I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Entropic and especially Graham and Michelle for all the help you have given us and our client in making the project as much of a success as it has been. Considering the volume of Iris Dampers and Grilles that were required the lack of issues we have had has been phenomenal. This would not have been achieved without the hard work of those in Entropic and I look forward to future projects where we will work together.


Positive team

Just to say the sparks, your lad who came to site was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and rather than always getting negative comments it is nice to get some positive ones as well but when I do get nice feedback I like to pass them on as well.

Category: Air handling units, heat recovery, EcoDesign compliance, healthcare

To Whom It May Concern,

We confirm that we specified ‘Entropic’ Heat Recovery Air Handling Units (AHU’s) on a Primary Care Centre project in 2016.

Apart from the high efficiency thermal wheel and robust design of the units, they were compliant with EcoDesign 2018 which was a key attribute of the units. Ecodesign has strict limits on SFP (Specific Fan Power) and high heat recovery requirements for BVU (Balanced Ventilation Units, i.e. units with supply and extract).

The AHU’s were approved under a submittal process with the HSE and have proven to be very reliable to date.


We worked with Entropic on a complex build project. From the get go, they were solution based and always looking forward as to how best get the project over the line. Their solutions were tailored to our specific needs and they have continued to provide best in class after care as we move forward. I would highly recommend the team to any business looking at building/maintaining a ventilation system.

Category: Med-tech, laboratory ventilation system upgrade

Hi guys,

Just a word of thanks for the recently completed Lab Development, I can walk away from this one saying that I am 100% happy with the solution offered & installed.

To get the perfect solution is never plain sailing but with considerable effort, attention to detail and fast turn arounds, I can say this one worked out perfect in the end!

The simplicity of the system is what makes it so good… K.I.S.S.! and hopefully reliable for many years to come.

I hope we can continue find the optimum solution for future project here…
Thanks again…