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As experts in Fire Safety Solutions, Entropic offers a range of fire dampers, designed and manufactured in Europe, with many features that make them stand out against competitors in the market. The following are some of the main benefits of Entropic’s Smoke Control Damper systems:

*  Fastest & easiest to install

*  Separate power supply is not required at each damper, instead, power is supplied to the cable every 10 dampers

*  Amount of mains power wiring is reduced by 90% leading to major savings in design, installation time and materials

*  No special cable is required, just Standard 3-core

*  The system can handle an unlimited number of dampers, zones, fire alarm inputs or outputs

*  Easily expanded – identical solutions for all system sizes

*  Suitable for installation in solid or light weight walls without any need for separate frames or different installation details.

*  Suitable for installation in the vertical or horizontal positions

*  Tested both outside and inside the furnace

*  Tested in the wall and the floor slab and suitable for installation in a solid or plasterboard wall

*  Tested in composite wall panels (so-called ‘whitewall’)

*  Available in circular and rectangular form

*  Manufactured in EU

Download Entropic HVAC software to instantly get detailed information on products and incorporate them into your project.

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Smoke damper selection matrix

Smoke damper selection matrix

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