Data Centre Ventilation Systems

Entropic provide top quality ventilation and air conditioning solutions for industrial Data Centre projects.

Entopic provide the highest quality Air Handling Units (AHU’s) to suit your design requirements from Enterprise-level to Hyper-scale Data Centres. We guarantee the highest energy-efficiency, perfect hygiene, maximum ease of use as well as reliable advice,  on-time delivery and easy installations.

With our experienced engineering team, we will design, supply and install the most suitable AHU’s for your data centre according to your unique job specifications and constraints.

Entropic can supply products suitable for hyper-scale data centres which require large airflows. With module size available up to 2.4m x 2.4m with a single motor. This combination of a very large damper module and a single motor optimises installation time, wiring, commissioning and maintenance and ensures we provide the most cost-effective solution.

In accordance with current travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines, we can provide Virtual Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) to ensure the safety of customers and employees.


Why Choose an Entropic Data Centre Solution?


The solutions we supply are of proven quality with the highest energy efficiency and optimal life cycle costs. With the implementation of various heat recovery processes and excellent thermal insulation, the systems we supply are extremely energy efficient.

Custom-Built Design

With our experienced Engineering Design team, we design each AHU from scratch according to your design requirements and so you only pay for what you need. This is done through our advanced selection software, which increases time efficiency and allows for instant export of all technical details and BIM models for integration and development in the design phases.

World Leading suppliers

Entropic work with some of the biggest and most experienced suppliers around Europe and the World. These companies are at the forefront of Air Handling Units and Ventilation product development, manufacture and distribution. With factories worldwide, we supply internationally. With their newly installed automated production line, we can guarantee high-quality manufacturing and short delivery lead times.

Existing customers:

  • The Large Hadron Collider – CERN
  • MSD

3D Data Centre AHU Model

Software Download


To get detailed information about these products and systems, access our free AHU selection software where you can choose products to suit your project and export all technical product specifications to CAD and BIM designs. Click the link below for information and tutorials.

Data Centre Ventilation System Components

Entropic supply the highest quality Air handling units available for large scale industrial applications. There is a wide range of fans and motors, filter units, heaters and coolers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, silencers and heat recovery systems, therefore, our experienced Engineering Design team guarantees to meet your project requirements. Our AHUs are fully customisable and so are designed uniquely to suit your project. Check out our full range of Data centre Ventilation products below.

Free Cooling Dampers

UTT Balancing Damper

UTT balancing Damper

  • Shut-off and balancing damper for outdoor air and exhaust air
  • Tight multi-blade damper
  • Suitable for either manual adjustment or actuator operation

USS External Louvre

  • Steel external louvre for intake and exhaust air
  • Grille design prevents rain, snow, leaf and animal ingress
  • Polyester-painted galvanised steel as standard

FLC Floor Diffuser

  • Frame and vanes are discrete and aesthetic
  • Designed to handle heavy loads
  • Fixed vanes to supply air without deflection

AHU System Components

Plug type fans

Fans and Motors

  • Impeller directly fitted onto motor shaft
  • EC Fans
  • Belt-driven radial fans


  • Vertically arranged mineral fibreboard panels.
  • Abrasion proof up to 20m/s
  • Low turbulence frame to reduce pressure losses
heater coil

Heaters and Coolers

  • Seamless copper pipes with integrally moulded aluminium blades
  • Corrosion-protected frames
  • Cooler with direct heat exchanger
  • Steel or copper collection pipes
rotary heat exchanger

Rotary Heat Exchanger

  • Heat recovery with an efficiency of up to 90%
  • Storage mass made of alternating smooth and corrugated aluminium foil
  • An adjustable felt seal between rotor and housing
  • Separation from rotor diameter 2500mm
Plate heat exchanger

Diagonal Flow Plate heat Exchanger

  • Heat recovery with an efficiency of up to 80%
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium or epoxy resin coating
  • Bypass dampers for summer and to prevent freezing

HYDROOPT Circuit Compound Systems

  • Circuit compound system with over 80% efficiency of heat recovery
  • Piping unit for connection of supply and exhaust air heat exchanger
  • can demonstrably be cleaned down to the core


  • Contact humidifier as a circulating water system (CWS) or freshwater system (FWS)
  • High-pressure humidifier
  • Vapour humidifier

Cooling Systems

  • Completely piped and wired in the factory
  • can be adjusted continuously or to different settings
  • Heat pump switchover
Hollister - Penthouse Louvre

Weatherproof Design

  • Intake chamber
  • Blades intake hood
  • Multi-leaf dampers

AHU Design for Crac Systems

With CRAC units in the space, the fresh air needs to be conditioned.

Case Studies

Check our Data Centre case studies by clicking on the button below.

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We realise Data Centre projects require speedy solutions and revisions to bring the design to a close. Entropic can assist you in achieving a quick cost-effective engineered solution, if you have any queries or need help from one of our experienced Engineers please contact us.