Monitoring and Control Systems

Entropic Smoke & Fire Damper Control Systems

As experts in Fire Safety Solutions, Entropic offers control systems for smoke and fire dampers, designed and manufactured in Europe, with many features that make them stand out in the market. The following are some of the main benefits of Entropic’s Fire Damper Control Systems:

*  Fastest & easiest to install

*  Separate power supply is not required at each damper, instead, power is supplied to the cable every 10 dampers

*  Amount of mains power wiring is reduced by 90% leading to major savings in design, installation time and materials

*  No special cable is required, just Standard 3-core

*  The system can handle an unlimited number of dampers, zones, fire alarm inputs or outputs

*  Easily expanded – identical solutions for all system sizes

Entropic Smoke & Fire Damper Control Systems integrate fully with Entropic’s range of high quality Fire Dampers and Smoke Control Dampers

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