Air Sterilisation Units

The filter element is an essential component of any ventilation system, since it is designed to remove chemical and biological airborne contaminants.

Indoor Air Quality

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  • Pure Air Filter


    PURE sterilises room air and eliminates harmful substances. PURE is whisper-quiet and easy to use

  • Vita OR Cell Unit


    Vita Cell Patient delivers a constant and stable airflow directly to the area under operation thus preventing airborne contamination in
    the operating area.

  • Crystall Air Filter


    This product is principally useful for A-Class customers that are particularly concerned about the health and wellbeing of their building occupants. This filter removes the small and dangerous particles that exist in office air including pollen, diesel fumes, bacteria and mites. For the healthiest air from a fan coil unit, specify the Crystall filter accessory on all you’re A-Class projects.