Stainless Steel

Stainless steel ventilation system

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  • HFI-EX ATEX Airflow Controller


    Circular duct connection equipped with integrated rubber gaskets, shut off operation (blade gasket)

  • MSA Measuring Device

    Measuring grid MSA


    Airflow measurement unit. Installation independent of airflow direction

  • MSD Measuring Device

    Measuring grid MSD


    Airflow measurement unit for round ducts

  • BLD Non-Return Damper

    Non-return damper BLD


    Non-return damper, fixed frame in painted, galvanized or stainless steel. Blades of galvanized or stainless steel.


  • PTS Balancing Damper

    PTS Balancing Damper


    Single-blade damper. Shut-off, adjustment, balancing or control damper

  • Static pressure measurement MSR


    Rectangular static pressure measurement unit

  • MSS Measuring Device

    Static pressure measurement MSS


    Circular static pressure measurement unit. Adjustable pressure measurement range of 0 to 1000 Pa

  • UKV VAV Damper

    UKV VAV Damper


    VAV airflow management damper. Control damper for different airflow and duct pressure control applications

  • UTK Balancing Damper

    UTK Balancing Damper


    UTK Balancing Damper is a multi-blade, shut-off adjustment, balancing or control damper.

  • HFB VAV Damper

    VAV damper HFB


    Airflow management damper. Pressure-independent operation.

  • DSH Droplet Separator

    DSH Droplet Separator


    High efficiency droplet separator. Tailored sizes and designs. Unlimited sizes with modular construction

  • UTT Balancing Damper

    UTT Balancing Damper


    Tight multi-blade damper, shut-off and balancing damper for outdoor air intake and exhaust air. The damper is suitable for either manual adjustment or actuator operation. Model with insulated casing and heat-proof design, also for Circular duct connections.

  • PRA Balancing Damper

    PRA Balancing Damper


    Adjustment and measurement unit, airflow balancing, adjustment and measurement unit. Manual adjustment, no tools required

  • VVI Airflow Measurement Unit


    Stainless steel fume cupboard measuring unit

  • BRD Pressure-Relief Damper

    Pressure-relief damper BRD


    Pressure-relief damper, fixed frame in painted, galvanized or stainless steel. Blades of galvanized or stainless steel

  • VFI Airflow Management Damper


    Stainless steel fume cupboard damper

  • TRH Plenum Diffuser


    Plenum ensuring proper function of supply air ceiling diffuser and connecting to ductwork