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Entropic have been designing and supplying specialised Foodservice Environment solutions since 2002.

UV – Safer, Cleaner & More Efficient!

The use of UV kitchen ventilation from Entropic eliminates the grease and odours from the kitchen exhaust allowing the air to be vented to outside the building at ground floor level or into an underground car park. Eliminating the need to have an expensive duct running to roof level means that more space is available on each floor.

Without highly flammable grease in the ducts, the risk of fire is significantly reduced, making the building safer.

Conventional Kitchen Ventilation


Entropic Kitchen Ventilation


The conventional kitchen solution:

  • More expensive to install due to additional labour and ducting cost
  • Wastes valuable floor space with a duct from the kitchen to the rooftop
  • Exhaust is at a rooftop level

Entropic canopy and kitchen ventilation solutions:

  • Increase building lease-able space by having no duct shaft to rooftop
  • Have cheaper overall project cost
  • Increase canopy efficiency
  • Destroy grease in the extract air and treat odour and smoke
  • Recover heat from the kitchen canopy exhaust for re-use in the building.

As each project is unique, a bespoke solution is professionally designed for every client.

The food industry is a complex operation. It often combines strict hygiene levels with low temperatures. Through experience from many installations in facilities for food production, storage and preparation, Entropic can provide efficient air management systems.

The solutions we provide are designed to function for the specific demands and they also meet the highest standards of energy efficiency to deliver low life-cycle costs for the entire building.

Our solutions meet the hygienic demands

When there is a building with specific demands Entropic can find the best solutions. Our wide selection of products includes equipment and systems that can solve the challenging and tricky requirements for air cleaning, leakage standards and infection control.

Effective HVAC systems provide a pleasant environment, including temperature, air quality, humidity, odour and noise. So it doesn’t affect only the conditions of the staff and visitors, but also facilitates good conditions for the preparation and manufacturing of high quality food.

Cleaning and maintenance play a big role.

A correctly designed air handling system is critical for the effective elimination of airborne contamination. For each of the intended operating standards (low, medium and high risk), an appropriate air supply system must be specified.

Maintenance operations such as cleaning are always a major issue mostly because of functionality issues. Within the food sector requirements are even higher due to the stricter hygienic demands. Every component in our HVAC systems is designed to facilitate visual inspection with easy and effective ability be cleaned.

Things to be covered

  • The microbiological quality of air
  • The capacity of the system for controlling the direction of air flow
  • Over pressure
  • Relative humidity
  • Temperature

Consideration must be given to each of these points during the various operating states, including startup, production, cleaning, non-production and maintenance.

Why eliminate the grease?


  • No build up of grease inside canopy and ducts
  • Reduces risk of fire
  • Allows odour abatement to be fitted
  • Clean air can pass through heat recovery system
  • Waste heat can be used to heat other areas of the building
  • Clean, odour free air can be discharged at low level.
  • Eliminates the requirement to run kitchen extract ducts to high level
  • No build-up of grease in the ducts means fire dampers can be fitted
  • Inclusion of fire dampers enables discharge into underground car parks etc

Who benefits?

Developer / Building Owner

  • No need for shaft up through building
  • More space available on every floor
  • Less costly solution

Wider range of tenants for building
– Restaurant
– Take away
– Deli

Building Occupier

  •  Lower energy costs
  •  Greater Fire Safety
  •  Reduced maintenance costs
  •  Safer operation


  • Elimination of nuisance airborne grease particles from discharge ducts
  • No nuisance odours from cooking

The environment

  • Lower energy use
  • Recovery of heat from cooking
  • Reduce pollutants
  • No contamination by grease from ducts

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