Student Accommodation

Be Lean, Be Clean & Be Green

The correct system design is vital to ensure that ventilation products perform to their design intent. Our experienced team are skilled at selecting the correct product and system layout to ensure that, once installed, the system will deliver the required airflow. Correct system layouts will ensure that the product is not noisy and inefficient.

Student accommodation can feature many configurations including communal lounges and kitchens, individual bedroom/study areas through to 12 bed clusters. Entropic appreciates that Student accommodation often requires unique solutions.

Makes most efficient use of land and existing buildings
• Reduces carbon dioxide and other emissions that contribute to climate change
• Is designed for flexible use throughout its lifetime
• Minimises energy use, including by passive solar design, natural ventilation, and vegetation (green roofs etc.) on buildings
• Minimises energy use, including passive solar design and natural ventilation
• Supplies energy efficiently and incorporates decentralised energy systems such as District Heating and uses renewable energy where feasible
• Manages flood risk, including application of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and flood resilient design for infrastructure and property
• Reduces air and water pollution
• Is comfortable and secure for its users
• Conserves and enhances the natural environment, particularly in relation to biodiversity, and enables ready access to open spaces
• Avoids the creation of adverse local climatic conditions
• Promotes sustainable waste behaviour
• Reduces adverse noise impacts internally and externally

Please use our software to select products for your apartment block project and don’t hesitate to contact us to assist with software selections and software training.

Related products

Fire Damper and Fire Valve/ Air Purification

  • Aero BM Air Sterilisation


    Efficient microbe and micro particle removal from problem areas

  • Circular Fire Damper EFC


    Manual only
    EIS 60/ EIS120
    CE marked
    Max Size 200


  • FDV Fire Valve

    Fire Valve FDV


    Fire valve is a combined exhaust valve and fire damper with adjustable pressure loss for circular ducts.
    Max Size 200

  • Pure Air Filter


    PURE sterilises room air and eliminates harmful substances. PURE is whisper-quiet and easy to use
    For PURE questions and answers (FAQ) click here
    PURE advantages: click here

Air Handling Unit

  • EnergyPlus Plate HRV Unit

    EnergyPlus Plate HRV Unit


    The heat exchange between the exhaust air and the intake air takes place through a static heat exchanger with countercurrent flow, sized to obtain a heat recovery up to 94%.

  • Pegasos XL HRV Unit

    Thermal Wheel HRV – Pegasos Z


    Best suited for large detached houses and public spaces, such as schools and kinder gardens. All heating and cooling coils, as well as the heat pump unit, are built-in to the unit.

  • Pingvin XL HRV Unit

    Thermal wheel HRV – Pingvin XL 120 l/s


    Best suited for medium sized detached, apartments and small public spaces, suitable for installation in tight spaces