A-class Office Solutions

Our A-class office solutions use 60% less energy than required by NZEB and have excellent levels of comfort and wellbeing.

People typically spend 90% of their time indoors. Concern over human exposure to the pollutants found indoors, and their potentially adverse effects on the health, productivity, comfort and well-being of occupants, is therefore growing.

In busy urban areas, the overall exposure levels inside a building are likely to result from pollutants generated within and outside the building. Achieving good indoor air quality in Offices, therefore, depends on minimising the impact of indoor sources, as well as reducing pollutant ingress by effective design of the building and operation of the ventilation system.

Indoor Air Quality is an increasingly important issue in the work environment. Today the modern offices are dynamic and should be adjustable to new conditions such as floor plan changes to accommodate more employee and renovations.


Chilled Beams

RE6 Chilled Beam
CBD Chilled Beam
CBX Chilled Beam

The ventilation plays a big role in efficiency, creativity and productiveness in office buildings.

Zero carbon society is the target we aim at.
We choose zero energy buildings.

Their improved quality and economical life cycle makes also business sense. Efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and lighting as well as tight building envelope, effective insulation and good solar shading enable not only considerable energy savings but improve occupants’ thermal comfort as well. Safe and comfortable indoor environment promotes wellbeing of the building users and increased user satisfaction and efficiency which lead to better results and happier people.


Building users – demand for responsible practices

Indoor environment affects wellbeing, health and performance of building users. As 90% of the annual costs of a typical office building are related to the personnel working in the building, even an increase of 1 % (5 min/day) in office work efficiency can offset the annual ventilation and air conditioning cost of the building. Also demand for environmentally friendly offices is increasing together with socially responsible business practices.

Entropic – solutions for wellbeing and energy efficiency in indoor environments

Heat Recovery Units

EnergySmart Plate HRV Unit
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Our indoor environment solutions are designed for wellbeing, safety and energy efficiency. Energy and environmental efficiency is implemented together with good indoor environment quality and wellbeing of users. The buildings are built for people to maximise their potential and creativity in an environment that allows it.

Ensuring air quality and quantity

There are five aspects to indoor air quality, which should be taken care of:  temperature, humidity, noise, draught and fresh air quantity.

  • Temperature

In ideal conditions the temperature should be somewhere between 20-24. Studies show that the efficiency of people weakens when the temperature is below 20 or above 24 degrees.

  • Humidity

The humidity of the room should be between 30% to 60%  relative humidity. Below 30%  the body’s immune systems loses its effectiveness causing sickness which leads to regular absences.

When the humidity goes up to 60% people find it uncomfortable and ability to focus and concentrate weakens.

  • Noise

Today noise is a distraction that people have to face everywhere they go.  It is important to make sure that the noise level in office facilities is kept to an acceptable level.

  • Draught

A well designed ventilation system will minimize draughts.

It is important to keep droughts down as they can cause discomfort and weaken not only creativity but also productivity.

  • Fresh Air

Fresh air is the most important aspect. It is obligatory that minimum quantities of fresh air are delivered to each employee in the office to ensure the effectiveness and productivity. As CO2 levels increase, the employees’ ability to work and focus decreases.

Different areas

Entropic offers solutions enhancing office-occupants’ work conditions, ensuring safety and efficiency, enabling their wellbeing.

  • Lobbies:

Highly energy-efficient and pleasant displacement ventilation to suits large and high spaces. The system is easily tailored to match the interior design.

  • Office areas:

Air–water chilled-beam-based systems as well as variable all-air indoor climate systems. Both systems adapt to the occupancy level of the space and offer good conditions energy efficiently.

  • Meeting rooms:

A complete range of air diffusion and air-flow management solutions. Adaptable chilled beams adjust indoor climate to occupancy level energy efficiently.

  • Auditoriums:

Dedicated systems based on displacement ventilation expertise, for the greatest comfort and the best acoustic properties. Displacement ventilation units can be positioned inside wall structures or under the seats.

  • Public spaces and corridors:

Air diffusion and air-flow management solutions with demand-based operation. Displacement ventilation for corridors and escape routes provides safety in case of fire emergency.

  • Ventilation fire safety and air filtration:

Systems for fire and smoke safety and for smoke evacuation. This includes a full range of mechanical and chemical filters.

  • Indoor environment management from the design phase to the use of the buildings:

Computer and real scale laboratory indoor climate simulations in the design phase, indoor climate verification after commissioning and indoor climate problem solving in occupied buildings.

A Good working environment requires good ventilation

In offices with many staff, excessive room temperatures are often a problem. The heat is due to computers, electronics, lighting and people. Large glazed areas with abundant sunlight can further aggravate the situation. With a ventilation unit, you can replace the hot, heavy air with new, fresh air. This makes staff more productive and, above all, gives them greater well-being. The office is a second house for staff after all.


Did you know that air pollution isn’t limited to busy streets in towns and cities? It is becoming a bigger problem inside homes and offices, with indoor air up to 50% more polluted than outdoor air.

Indoor air pollution is linked to causing and worsening existing conditions, including:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Fatigue or lethargy
  • Irritability

Entropic provide tailored control strategies for each project

We understand that office buildings often require new layouts and systems. To minimise costs and fit-out time, we can rework the existing infrastructure and services as part of our solution. For example, the Accenture Innovation Centre in Dublin changed from suspended to exposed ceiling which created challenges with the airflow distribution patterns. We supplied a special active diffuser which changes profile according to air temperature, yet without requiring any power supply. The diffuser also allows a reasonable throw distance, despite the lack of a suspended ceiling.

For A-class office ventilation systems, it is imperative to deliver comfort, efficiency and superior air quality. Overlooking any of these can affect productivity and more importantly overall health. Entropic office ventilation solutions always incorporate these key factors in addition to meeting the performance and aesthetic requirements of high quality working environments.

The occupancy levels of offices can fluctuate dramatically. Entropic provide tailored control strategies for each project to accurately and efficiently manage the capacity required of the ventilation system, minimising cost.

Whether it is a new-build or a retro-fit A-class office, we can develop a cost-effective solution with pristine air quality for any sized space.

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