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All these diffusers are termostatically controlled to automatically jet warm air from high level to the floor when in heating mode and when in cooling. They automatically change the geometry of the diffuser to automatically diffuse cold air. This functionality avoids drahghts in cooling mode and stratification when in heating mode.

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  • WDD Grille

    WDD Grille


    Grille with adjustable horizontal and rear vanes suitable for supply and exhaust.

  • TRS Jet Nozzle Diffuser

    TRS Jet Nozzle Diffuser


    Compact or conical air jet supply diffuser for wall or ceiling installations.

  • TSA Swirl Diffuser

    TSA Swirl Diffuser


    Circular swirl diffuser that is ideal for high spaces. Swirl diffuser in ceiling installation.

  • THL STRATA Ceiling Diffuser

    THL Strata/ THL Coanda Diffuser


    Conical ceiling diffuser for exposed installations without false ceilings.

  • THL Conical Diffuser

    THL Conical Diffuser


    Circular conical diffuser for ceiling installation that is ideal for high spaces. Horizontal or vertical air supply.

  • SLN DESTRA Linear Slot Diffuser

    SLN DESTRA Linear Slot Diffuser


    High Induction, de-stratification, linear slot diffuser with automatic thermostatic adaptability.

  • GDD Grille

    GDD Grille


    Grille for circular duct installation. For cooling and heating applications; suitable also for exhaust