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  • AT4-F Modular Unit


    The AHUs are fully customisable and are available with and without controls.

    You can check inside an AT4-F Modular Air Handling Unit (AHU) by clicking here

  • USL External Louvre

    USL External Louvre


    External louvre for air intake and exhaust. Melted snow and water collection via a drip tray including a pipe connection

  • UTT Balancing Damper

    UTT Balancing Damper


    Tight multi-blade damper, shut-off and balancing damper for outdoor air intake and exhaust air with opposed blade design, damper blades comprise thermal insulation

  • FLC Floor Diffuser

    FLC Floor Diffuser


    Extremely strong floor grille designed for floor supply application. Removable block vanes for easy cleaning

  • BRD Pressure-Relief Damper

    Pressure-relief damper BRD


    Pressure-relief damper, fixed frame in painted, galvanized or stainless steel. Blades of galvanized or stainless steel