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    Fan Coil Units references and gallery

  • Supply air attenuator (silencer) for fan coil units


    Compact plenum (just 500 mm wide) to be installed on the fan coil outlet, featuring a fully protected glass wool lining that guarantees considerably lower sound levels and a minimal pressure drop.

  • Skystar Exposed Unit

    Skystar Exposed Unit


    Available in 7 different sizes. All sizes have 6 speed fans, with 3 speeds connected electrically, so as to extend operating flexibility even during the commissioning of the installation.


  • Maestro Concealed Unit

    Maestro Concealed Unit


    High pressure concealed fan coil unit. Fan coil unit for concealed installation and connection to a duct system.

  • New
    Maestro Concealed Unit

    Maestro MTL and MTL ECL


    They are suitable for climate control for small and medium commercial and sports environments or for large civil environments and integrate perfectly in regular false ceilings.

  • New
    CRS-ECM Concealed Unit

    Carisma CRSL and CRSL-ECM


    High Pressure Fan Coil Unit with Asynchronous Motor EC Brushless Electronic Motor and Inverter Board

  • Fly Hi-wall Exposed Unit

    Fly Hi-wall Exposed Unit


    High-wall exposed fan coil unit. Easy to install, 2 way or 3 way valves and condensate pump can be mounted into the casing.

  • CRT-ECM Exposed Unit

    CRT-ECM (EC motor) Exposed Unit


    Exposed fan coil unti with tangential fan. Fan coil unit with tangential fans available in 5 different models.

  • Crystall Air Filter


    This product is principally useful for A-Class customers that are particularly concerned about the health and wellbeing of their building occupants. This filter removes the small and dangerous particles that exist in office air including pollen, diesel fumes, bacteria and mites. For the healthiest air from a fan coil unit, specify the Crystall filter accessory on all you’re A-Class projects.

  • CCP-ECM In-floor Unit

    CCP-ECM In-floor Unit


    In-floor fan coil unit with motor. They are designed to efficiently heat, cool and ventilate buildings with large windows making them perfect for offices.

  • CRS-ECM Concealed Unit

    CRS-ECM (EC motor) Concealed Unit


    Concealed fan coil unit with high pressure centrifugal fan. Suitable for low temperature heating systems (heatpumps). Suitable for offices and hotel rooms

  • Breeze In-wall Concealed Unit

    Breeze In-wall Concealed Unit


    In-wall concealed fan coil unit. Advantages of a form of air-conditioning that uses natural fluids, with low energy consumption.

  • CRC/CRC-ECM Exposed Unit

    CRC/CRC-ECM Exposed Unit


    Exposed fan coil unti with centrifugal fan. The board is mounted on the unit, closed to the motor, without the need to be cooled down by the air flow.

  • Coanda Exposed Unit

    Coanda Exposed Unit


    One way cassette fan coil unit. The unit is suitable for installation in a suspended ceiling.