Entropic offer a wide range of products:

What we do

  • We supply high-quality HVAC systems and products internationally.
  • We assist end-users, designers and installers with HVAC design.
  • We focus on safety, sustainability, compliance and best practice.



Our mission is to deliver safer, greener, healthier and better buildings while simultaneously reducing capital investment, maintenance and refurbishment costs.

Energy Efficient Data Centres

  • Free cooling for HyperScale Data Centres
  • Very large format, insulated, shut-off dampers for air intakes and exhausts
  • Air intake louvres for storms, rain and snow
  • Air Handling Units
  • Chillers for Data Centres
  • Motorised fire and smoke dampers
  • Volume control dampers
  • Grilles and Diffusers
  • Chilled Beams

Control panel & sensors

  • Factory supplied, premounted, prewired
  • Integrated into AHU casing

Evaporative cooler

Supply fan

  • EC DC fan motor with IE5 efficiency

All our products are Eurovent Certified 

Healthcare Ventilation Systems

Pure Air Sterilisation Unit

  • Eliminates harmful substances instead of just filtering them out.
  • Sterilises the air by removing viruses, bacteria and allergens, and eradicates fine dust.
  • Eliminates > 99.98 % of harmful emissions (VOCs e.g. from furniture, construction materials, paints).

Vita Cell Room unit

  • Ultra clean air flow (1000 times greater than FFP1 masks*).
  • Large air flow (up to 700 l/s).
  • Significantly reduces the pathogen concentration in room air.

Crystall Filter

  • Filter is available for all FCUs, AHUs and Systems for ducts or outlet installation terminals.
  • It retains fine particles, with an efficiency of up to 95% for PM1 (new Crystall 150 filters).
  • It’s actual air purifiers.

Entropic provide a wide range of HVAC products:

  • Air Handling Units
  • Atex Products
  • Chilled Beams
  • Chillers & Heatpumps
  • Duct Mounted Equipment
  • External Louvres
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Fire Dampers
  • Diffusers and Terminal Units
  • HEPA Terminals
  • Radiant Panels

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Clients Testimonials

I look forward to future projects where we will work together

We are coming to the end of the contract down in the project so I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Entropic and especially Graham and Michelle for all the help you have given us and our client in making the project as much of a success as it has been. Considering the volume of Iris Dampers and Grilles that were required the lack of issues we have had has been phenomenal. This would not have been achieved without the hard work of those in Entropic and I look forward to future projects where we will work together.


Positive team

Just to say the sparks, your lad who came to site was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and rather than always getting negative comments it is nice to get some positive ones as well but when I do get nice feedback I like to pass them on as well.

Category: Air handling units, heat recovery, EcoDesign compliance, healthcare

To Whom It May Concern,

We confirm that we specified ‘Entropic’ Heat Recovery Air Handling Units (AHU’s) on a Primary Care Centre project in 2016.

Apart from the high efficiency thermal wheel and robust design of the units, they were compliant with EcoDesign 2018 which was a key attribute of the units. Ecodesign has strict limits on SFP (Specific Fan Power) and high heat recovery requirements for BVU (Balanced Ventilation Units, i.e. units with supply and extract).

The AHU’s were approved under a submittal process with the HSE and have proven to be very reliable to date.


We worked with Entropic on a complex build project. From the get go, they were solution based and always looking forward as to how best get the project over the line. Their solutions were tailored to our specific needs and they have continued to provide best in class after care as we move forward. I would highly recommend the team to any business looking at building/maintaining a ventilation system.

Category: Med-tech, laboratory ventilation system upgrade

Hi guys,

Just a word of thanks for the recently completed Lab Development, I can walk away from this one saying that I am 100% happy with the solution offered & installed.

To get the perfect solution is never plain sailing but with considerable effort, attention to detail and fast turn arounds, I can say this one worked out perfect in the end!

The simplicity of the system is what makes it so good… K.I.S.S.! and hopefully reliable for many years to come.

I hope we can continue find the optimum solution for future project here…
Thanks again…