Entropic offer a wide range of products:

Energy efficient Data Centres

The most energy-efficient data centres use products and innovative techniques that significantly reduce energy consumption and leave minimum carbon footprints.

  • Free cooling for HyperScale Data Centres
  • Very large format dampers
  • Snow, Rain and Storm intake Air Louvres
  • Air Handling Units
  • Chillers for Data Centres

List of components in the direction of the airflow


  • Dual LED lights and single light switch

Panel filter – coarse 55%

  • Dial type manometer

Control panel & sensors

  • Factory supplied, premounted, prewired
  • Integrated into AHU casing

Bag filter – ePM1 60%

  • Access door with inspection window
  • Dual LED lights and single light switch
  • Dial type manometer

Evaporative cooler

  • Access door with inspection window
  • Dual LED lights and single light switch

Supply fan

  • 4 no. EC DC fan motor with IE5 efficiency
  • Access door with inspection window
  • Dual LED lights and single light switch
  • Motor isolator wired to fans
  • Factory prepiped airflow measurement grid

Entropic offer a wide range of products:

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  • Air Handling Units
  • Atex Products
  • Chilled Beams
  • Chillers & Heatpumps
  • Diffusers and Terminal Units
  • Duct Mounted Equipment
  • External Louvres
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Fire Dampers
  • HEPA Terminals
  • Radiant Panels
  • Stainless Steel

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All our products are Eurovent Certified 

Ecology indoors

Who we are

We are a fully Irish-owned company with no external shareholders. Founded in 2000 by Michael Geraghty and Based in Maynooth – Co. Kildare

What we do

  • We supply high quality HVAC systems and products internationally.
  • We assist end users, designers and installers with HVAC design.
  • We focus on safety, sustainability, compliance and best practice.


Our mission is to deliver safer, greener, healthier and better buildings while simultaneously reducing capital investment, maintenance and refurbishment costs.

Environmental mission

  • Build healthier buildings
  • Reduce pollutants and chemicals
  • Reduce green house gas emissions
  • Reduce the use of HFCs in buildings.

The ecological interaction between a person and their environment provides the healthiest conditions for the person while simultaneously providing the best level of comfort, energy use and sustainability.

At Entropic we have many years of experience working with large industrial and commercial customers to implement energy saving technologies and systems. Our experience with large industrial ventilation systems has helped some of the largest energy users in Ireland to significantly reduce their energy consumption, fossil-fuel-CO2 emissions and overhead costs