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Entropic PURE combines tried and tested technology with revolutionary innovations in one unit. In addition to filtering, Entropic PURE uses unique plasma technology.

Comparison with filter units: Most other devices focus on pure filtration and differ in the type of filter and the quality of the filter material. PURE also uses filters, but as a pre-filter and a subsequent 3-stage filter cartridge. In between these filters, PURE’s patented – and unique – plasma is hard at work. As a result, PURE can eliminate the smallest particles and gaseous pollutants. Pure filter units hit their limit when faced with viruses, small bacteria, fine dust and VOCs.

Comparison with ionisers: The question as to whether ionisers are harmful or beneficial is a topic of heated debate. PURE is not an ioniser and does not have an ionising function.

Comparison with ozone generators: Ozone is good as a protective layer in the atmosphere, but in room air it can lead to serious lung problems. PURE doesn’t release any ozone. On the contrary: PURE reduces ozone in the room air.

  • Bacteria: Although some types of bacteria can be up to 700 µm large (1000 µm = 1 mm), most have a diameter between 0.6 and 1 µm and therefore easily slip through the finest filter. Thanks to the patented Entropic plasma technology, they are catalysed by PURE.
  • Viruses: Most viruses are so small that they easily pass through even the smallest of filters. Thanks to Entropic’s plasma technology, they are catalysed by PURE. Since Entropic PURE purifies the air, this statement only applies to airborne viruses.
  • VOCs: Volatile Organic Compounds are substances that are gaseous at low temperatures. These gases are given off by furniture, carpets, plastics and cleaning agents. VOCs irritate the airways, cause headaches and disturbed sleep and exacerbate allergies and asthma. Entropic THERM eliminates more than 99.98 % of VOCs in the plasma. For VOCs caused by smoking, please see the Smoking section below.
  • Fine dust: A distinction is made between inhaled fine dust that is smaller than 10 µm and particularly dangerous respirable fine dust that is smaller than 2.5 µm. Fine dusts damage the nervous system, the heart, the circulatory system and can cause cancer. They also exacerbate allergies and lead to increased asthma attacks. The main causes are traffic and industry, as well as heating systems. Indoors, fine dust is mainly produced by laser printers and copiers, candles and vacuum cleaners without filters. PURE eliminates this fine dust in the plasma. For fine dust caused by smoking, please see the Smoking section below.
  • Household dust: The allergens that promote asthma flare-ups are the faeces and eggs of the dust mite and particles of dead mites. PURE filters eggs and faeces in the pre-filter. The remains of dead mites are eliminated by the plasma.
  • Pollen: PURE filters pollen in the pre-filter.
  • Ozone: Unlike most conventional air purifiers, PURE does not release ozone. According to the EU Dangerous Substances Directive, ozone is oxidising, highly toxic and corrosive. Entropic is therefore convinced that ozone has no place in room air and that the use of devices that release ozone is irresponsible.
  • PURE reduces the amount of ozone in the room air and on days with high ozone concentration in the air thus accelerates the natural decay of ozone into oxygen.
  • Odours: PURE filters odours out of the air that are based on organic compounds. This takes place in the 3-stage filter cartridge. The time needed to reduce the odours varies depending on the quantity of contaminated air and the source of the odour.
  • Use in large kitchens: PURE can only filter odours completely when the source of the odour is removed. PURE is therefore not suitable for use as an air extractor in professional kitchens.
  • Use in smoking rooms: Since PURE does not release any ozone and does not contain an ioniser, it can be used in smoking rooms without hesitation. PURE cannot eliminate smoke odour from smoking rooms. PURE filters and catalyses the particles and odours that are given off when tobacco is burned in the air. PURE cannot neutralise the mineral substances released when tobacco is burned, nor capture the particles that settle on items inside a smoking room.

Of course. PURE removes germs, fine dust, VOCs and household dust allergens from the air, which we know exacerbate and accelerate asthma attacks. A more detailed description can be found in the Pollutants section.

Of course. Simply switch the light off.

Clean air. PURE releases oxygen, carbon dioxide and minute quantities of water vapour. It does not form condensate water. PURE does not emit ozone and is not an ioniser.

  • The 3-stage filter cartridge must be removed from the transport lock before using the unit for the first time. No tools are required; simply use the three handles.
  • We recommend setting up PURE in the evening, selecting fan speed 5 and then switching on auto mode. PURE will then measure the air quality and adjust its performance.
  • Please read the operating instructions before using for the first time.

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1.) When do I have to replace the filter? 

The filter service life depends on how dirty the air is. In Central Europe, the pre-filter should be replaced after six months. The 3-stage filter cartridge has a service life of 3 years.

2.) How do I know it is time to replace the filter?

PURE warns you in good time when the 3-stage filter cartridge has to be replaced. The pre-filter has to be replaced when it shows signs of bad contamination.

3.) What happens if I forget to replace the filters?

If the pre-filter is used when badly contaminated, the cleaning performance drops. If the 3-stage filter cartridge has exceeded its service life, PURE automatically switches off. One component of the 3-stage filter cartridge is an activated carbon filter. Used activated carbon filters make the air dirty and release unpleasant odours.

4.) Do I have to call a service engineer to replace the filter?

No. Both filters can be undone by pressing on their catch mechanism. Since the filters slide straight out of the unit, you can avoid touching the contaminated pre-filter by holding a bag below the filter opening.
To replace the 3-stage filter cartridge, simply lift the control panel and remove the cartridge. Both procedures are described in the product manual with words and pictures.

1.) Cost of electricity: PURE uses between 10 and 60 watts depending on the fan speed.

2.) Pre-filter: PURE uses an F7 filter as the pre-filter, which is available as an accessory. The filter has a service life of four to six months. The actual lifespan depends on how polluted the air is (pollen, hair, coarse dust) and can vary depending on the time of year. It is possible to vacuum the filter. The filter is clipped into the unit from underneath, without tools.

3.) 3-stage filter cartridge: This has a service life of approximately three years and can be obtained from here. PURE will not work without this cartridge. The unit warns that a replacement is imminent in good time. The cartridge is clicked into place below the control panel. No tools are required. Important: The 3-stage filter cartridge must not get wet.

4.) Cleaning: Clean with a damp cloth. A common, non-abrasive, non-corrosive and non-scratching household cleaner can be used.

Of course.

PURE filters pollen. Admittedly, a conventional air filter can also do this. However, PURE also removes germs, fine dust, VOCs and all household dust allergens from the air. A more detailed description can be found in the Pollutants section.

The positive and negative effect of ionisers is the topic of countless contradictory studies. Entropic promises Quality for Life. Without limitation, footnotes or small print. Therefore Entropic simply avoids using ionisers. It’s the only way to be sure.

The unit is very quiet. At the lowest level, the sleep mode: 30 dB. That’s the same as leaves rustling in the wind. At level 5 the noise level rises to 56 dB. Less than a TV at room volume. If you’re using the unit in Europe you’ll rarely use it at level 5 for longer than an hour.

PURE has a sensor that measures air quality using certain indicators. If the indicator lamp lights up red, PURE should clean the room air at a higher level.

Only when you put your hand next to the intake and the fresh air outlet. PURE doesn’t generate a draught, even at the highest fan speed (level 5).


  • Because ozone is an oxidiser. It is also highly toxic, corrosive and carcinogenic. But Entropic stands for Quality for Life. So how could Entropic market a product that releases this kind of substance? Possibly even in a child’s bedroom?
  • On the contrary, PURE reduces the amount of ozone in the air.

It depends.

  • PURE does not release ozone, so you can smoke or light candles near PURE without any worries. Due to the high levels of fine dust secreted by candles, allergy sufferers and asthmatics should turn on PURE in candlelight.
  • PURE cannot eliminate smoke odour from smoking rooms. PURE filters and catalyses the particles and odours that are given off when tobacco is burned in the air. PURE cannot neutralise the mineral substances released when tobacco is burned, nor capture the particles that settle on items inside a smoking room.


  • You must not install the unit in the centre of the room, but the fan must be able to draw in air freely. Therefore the unit cannot be built in to anything, placed in housing or covered.
  • PURE should not be used in rooms with high humidity levels, for example bathrooms or swimming pools. The 3-stage filter cartridge must not get wet. Otherwise it will produce bad odours. These come from the activated carbon filter and are harmless, but unpleasant.

Of course. There is no limit.

The statement that PURE is recommended for rooms up to 60 m² is based on the capacity to circulate air. PURE has a flow rate of 130 m³/h. This means that anyone with patience can also purify larger rooms with an PURE unit. In any case, for rooms larger than 75 m² you should consider acquiring a second unit.

By all means! The only thing to note when you need to transport PURE: Remove the 3-stage filter cartridge from the unit. Please note that the 3-stage filter cartridge must not be exposed to any moisture. In addition, it should be packed in a plastic bag because the activated carbon filter can release dust. This dust is harmless, but can soil objects.

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