Crystall Filter 

The current pandemic has increased awareness about the quality of the air we breathe, especially in indoor environments.

This invisible enemy is much more difficult to fight, because it spreads in the air we breathe and when it infects us it attacks the entire respiratory system.

At the moment we are all confined indoors, which make us to think more about the air we breathe, since viruses and bacteria can stay on the air of limited spaces, which we need to breathe for many hours a day, its quality is, and will necessarily be, delegated to Ventilation systems equipped with adequate Filtration.

Every day we read and hear from the various media of new scientific research that links the increase in the spread of infections and the fatality rate of the Covid-19 virus to fine dust (PM10, PM2.5 and PM1), which the WHO has always considered as the main cause of diseases affecting the respiratory system and which claim tens of thousands of victims per year.

The Entropic Crystall filter is available for all FCUs, AHUs and Systems for ducts or outlet installation terminals and it’s easy-to-implement in response to the risk associated with the spread of both chemical and microbial pathogens in the environment.

1 they retain fine particles, with an efficiency of up to 95% for PM1 (new Crystall 150 filters); since fine (liquid and solid) particles are the main carrier that conveys all the substances present in the air into our lungs, reducing dust in the environment is a first step towards the reduction of the risk associated with the spread of pathogens;

2 electronic filters have an effective biocidal action on transiting air, certified by the University of Ancona: such action is effective on various microbial pathogens, both due to the action of the high voltage electrostatic field and to the slight production of ozone around the plates;

3 electronic filters have a high antimicrobial action on what is deposited on the filter: the filter is therefore no longer a passive element that amplifies biological contamination (like traditional mechanical filters), but an element of the ventilation system that reduces it.

In short, as well as retaining part of the substances suspended in the air, the minimal percentage that is not filtered is partially passivated and what is deposited on the filter is almost entirely passivated.

For this reason, we can say that they are more than filters: they are actual air purifiers.

The removal action is as effective on fresh air and recirculation air on an AHU as it is crucial on a fan coil (secondary air), which handles at least 5/6 volumes of ambient air in an hour and therefore purifies the ambient air repeatedly (it purifies all the ambient air every 10/12 min).


The air becomes safer

Crystall electronic filters can be applied to the following Entropic products:

• Fan coils with casing,

• Cassette fan coils,

• Recessed fan coils,

• Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV) units

• Air Handling Units, also applied to already installed AHUs made by other manufacturers

• Systems for duct or outlet installation

Finally, we wish to point out that the correct design of air diffusion systems, which promote good ventilation efficiency with several supply points at the top and several return points at the bottom to prevent pathogens from “wandering” throughout the environment, is a mandatory practice to be followed more than ever at this historical time.

Entropic Crystall filters are certified according to Standard UNI EN 16980 and feature several other advantages in terms of reducing ventilation consumption on an AHU, reducing the contamination of the duct connections, reducing maintenance costs, etc. For further information, please refer to our documentation.

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