How to install Fan Coil Unit Selection Software

Entropic fan coil unit selection software will allow you to accurately select the FCUs to meet your specific project requirements.

There are 14 different types of FCUs available from high efficiency EC units to high pressure units (up to 350Pa ESP), room mounted units & units within the ceiling void.

Fan coil unit data from this selection software is Eurovent certified.



  • CRS-ECM Concealed Unit

    Carisma CRSL and CRSL-ECM


    High Pressure Fan Coil Unit with Asynchronous Motor EC Brushless Electronic Motor and Inverter Board

  • Coanda Exposed Unit

    Coanda Exposed Unit


    One way cassette fan coil unit. The unit is suitable for installation in a suspended ceiling.

  • CRT-ECM Exposed Unit

    CRT-ECM (EC motor) Exposed Unit


    Exposed fan coil unit with tangential fan. Fan coil unit with tangential fans available in 5 different models.

  • Maestro Concealed Unit

    Maestro Concealed Unit


    High pressure concealed fan coil unit. Fan coil unit for concealed installation and connection to a duct system.