The ductwork can transfer flame and smoke at a drastic speed through a building when a fire occurs . The build up of heat inside the duct can cause any flammable material near the ductwork, such as roof joists, to burst into flames. This can cause a large amount of damage to the building resulting in much higher insurance claims and creating a higher risk for fire fighters.

A fire damper can be defined as “a device installed in ducts and air transfer opening of an air distribution or smoke control system designed to close automatically upon detection of heat. It also serves to interrupt migratory airflow, resist the passage of flame, and maintain the integrity of the fire rated separation.” Its primary function is to prevent the passage of flame from one side of a fire-rated separation to the other. This makes fire dampers a vital part of any ventilation system and must be part of a fire damper maintenance programme to ensure correct operation.

Entropic team are able to carry-out a detailed service of your fire and smoke dampers, which includes location check, inspection, cleaning, drop test, lubrication, providing a detailed report together with photographic evidence and recommendations.

Testing include:

  • An inventory of all dampers to be tested.
  • All Fire/Smoke dampers will be manually released to ensure the integrity of the spring loaded shutter.
  • The fusible link should be inspected for any deformity or damage.
  • The Fire/Smoke damper will be cleaned and lubricated within the closed position.
  • The Fire/Smoke damper shall then be opened and re-set.
  • Any severe corrosion found shall be reported to the client.

Reports include:

  • Test results with client information, including position within the building/system, date and name of Operative shall be recorded and any comments noted if further action is required.
  • Asset register to include damper location and ID number.
  • Inspection results including details of failed damper operation.
  • If drawings are provided, update and annotate details.
  • Digital Photographic evidence of damper condition prior to and after testing procedures.
  • Explanation of failed operation and recommended corrective or remedial action.

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