Entropic Operating Room Solutions

Operating room ventilation

Why is operating room ventilation so important?

• 4,1 million healthcare-associated infections in the EU each year
• 20 % of these are surgical site infections
• Increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria

What is the aim of OR ventilation systems?

• preventing airborne microbial contaminants from entering the surgical wound

• providing optimal thermal conditions for
patients and the medical team


Operating room ventilation considerations

Infection risk factors:

• number of persons present in the room
• clothing system used
• movement of personnel
• door discipline
• etc.

Vita OR Solutions

Innovative solutions – Safety and comfort – Ease of use Total offering for all your operating needs – Services for the whole solution lifecycle

Vita OR Space

Controlled-dilution ventilation solution providing ISO 5 cleanliness to the entire space

Vita OR Zone

Unidirectional flow ventilation solution providing ISO 5 cleanliness to the protected zone.

Vita OR Cell

Mobile ventilation units providing ultraclean air to the wound area or surgical instruments.

Vita OR Space

  • Ultraclean operating conditions
  • Optimal thermal comfort
  • Flexible use of space
  • Energy efficient
  • Ventilation adjusts to your operating needs
  • Silent operational environment

Vita OR Zone

Vita OR Zone provides a hygienic and safe operating zone for the patient, medical team and instruments

Smart design and high quality materials

vita or zone

An ultraclean air zone is created around the surgical field. The risk of surgical site infections is decreased as the ultraclean
airflow prevents air impurities from entering the operating area.

Ultraclean air created with the low-turbulent-flow principle

Vita OR Cell

An easy and cost-effective way to upgrade the safety of your operating environment

• complements existing ventilation systems
• for spaces where improved clean air conditions are required
• for outpatient treatment facilities