Circular Diffusers

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  • URH Exhaust Valve

    URH Exhaust Valve


    Circular exhaust valve with attenuation. A manually adjusted supply valve in ceiling installation.

  • ULA Valve


    Aesthetic in design and easy to adjust. Suitable as supply or exhaust air valve.

  • TSA Swirl Diffuser

    TSA Swirl Diffuser


    Circular swirl diffuser that is ideal for high spaces. Swirl diffuser in ceiling installation.

  • TRB Conical Diffuser

    TRB Conical Diffuser


    Circular conical diffuser for ceiling installation that is ideal for high spaces. Easy to clean and maintain.

  • THL STRATA Ceiling Diffuser

    THL Strata/ THL Coanda Diffuser


    Conical ceiling diffuser for exposed installations without false ceilings.

  • JDB Circular Diffuser


    Circular diffuser with side slot for both supply and exhaust ensuring architectural ceiling outlook. JDB Coanda model for exposed installations without false ceilings

  • JCC Ceiling Diffuser


    Multi-functional and easy to clean ceiling diffuser
    Ideal for renovated buildings and cabins
    Available in stainless steel for an aesthetic look