Indoor air quality – Air Sterilisation

The Crystall electrostatic filter purifies environmental air

The filter element is an essential component of any ventilation system, since it is designed to remove chemical and biological airborne contaminants. Ever-increasing air pollution and ongoing publications on the negative effects it has on human health (see the latest WHO report of 12/05/16) are constantly drawing the attention of regulators and the general public, who increasingly consider the quality of the air we breathe indoors as one of the conditions needed for well-being. The key factors for achieving high air quality are ventilation (quantity) and filtration (efficiency), typically in contrast with energy savings, an aspect regulated by all governments. Despite the fact that these requirements are in stark contrast with one another, active electrostatic filtration appears to be the only solution that dramatically reduces energy consumption, increases filtration efficiency and prevents the proliferation of the microbial load, either in the air or deposited.

FEMEC active electrostatic/electronic plate filter

Sabiana has developed an active electrostatic filter with modular units (Crystall) that maintains all the distinctive features of electrostatic technology, turning some typically negative aspects into operational benefits. This new solution features two separate and distinct sections, using different construction technology, each with its own functional purposes.

  • The first section, defined as an active section or polarisation, is an integral part of the supporting structure and consists of thread-like tungsten emission electrodes, whose design ensures reliability and safety without using special, delicate and expensive materials (isolators).
  • The second section, called a passive section with an induced or collection anode, consists of laminated aluminium profiles that are placed opposite to each other and suitably spaced out. They create an electric field without applying an additional power source, thus ensuring they can be removed for maintenance purposes (cleaning). Thanks to this technology, each area of the collector is autonomous, thus avoiding any accidental short-circuits on one section that may affect the operation of the entire filter.

High filtration efficiency (PM1 – PM2.5 – PM10)

Air breathed every day contains particles, micro-particles and nanoparticles inhaled when you breathe. According to their diameter, these particles are classified with various toxicity levels if they exceed certain concentrations in mass per volume (μg/m³). More specifically, the particles with a diameter measuring below 2.5μ (PM2.5), the most numerous, were recently declared by the WHO (World Health Organisation) as definitely cancerous for humans (Class 1). This classification leads to a risk for health that is only zeroed when those substances are not present. Given that this target cannot be achieved, Community directives and resulting national laws (Legislative Decree 155 of 13/08/2010 and subsequent integrations) have established the maximum values for these particles in all environments (indoors and outside). Using the Sabiana Crystall filter on air treatment machines (UTA, Fan coils, Thermo-convectors, Air ducts, Air recovery units, etc.) ensures these concentration levels are not exceeded (even in the presence of specific sources).

Reduction of the micro-biological load in the air and bactericidal action on deposited matter

Using ventilation and air conditioning systems indoors or in confined spaces requires adopting depurative technologies such as the Sabiana Crystall filter that is highly effective in removing the main microbiological contaminants dispersed in the air. The electrostatic air filtering technology applied suitably can cancel or reduce the level of microbiological substances (bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould, pollen and allergens in general) thus minimising risks for our health in daily environments. The above has been widely proven by laboratory tests published in scientific university publications.

Simple and cost-effective maintenance

Unlike mechanical average filters, classified as harmful toxic waste and as such subjected to correct disposal, the Crystall electrostatic filter can be perfectly regenerated after being cleaned (by immersion, with a dishwasher, water jet. etc.) to remove pollutant particles deposited. The innovative, patented solution enables simple management during the entire cleaning process by just removing the dust collector.

Guaranteed energy savings

Thanks to its limited, constant loss of load over time, using the Crystall electrostatic filter enables a drastic reduction in electricity used in relation to the ventilation power. Energy savings can be close to 80% compared to mechanical filtering systems with an equivalent performance (F9 class Eurovent A+).

Technologically sustainable, patented, certified solution

The Crystall electrostatic filter has national product certifications such as UNI 11254:2007 and international ones such as the new UNI EN ISO 16890, which assess air filter performance based on the size of reference particles (0.4μ or PM1 – PM2.5 – PM10). And the filter also has all product safety and management certifications.

Air Sterilisation Units Products

  • Crystall Air Filter


    Recommended for A-Class customers that are particularly concerned about the health and wellbeing of their building occupants. This filter removes the small and dangerous particles that exist in office air,  including virus, pollen, bacteria and mites. Click here for more information.

  • Pure Air Filter


    PURE sterilises room air and eliminates harmful substances. PURE is whisper-quiet and easy to use
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  • Vita OR Cell Unit


    Vita Cell Patient delivers a constant and stable airflow directly to the area under operation thus preventing airborne contamination in the operating area.